Figure Me Out

29.11.2018 to 10.01.2019

Gallery Loft8
Radezkystrasse 4, 1030 Vienna
Opening Hours: Tue-Fri: 1pm–6pm
Sat: 10am–3pm, and by appointment

Anemona Crisan, Alexander Blum, Stefanie Holler, Henriette Leinfellner, Pawel Mendrek, Birgit Pleschberger, Adele Razkövi, Anna Steinhäusler.

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DAL–Deutsche Anlagen Leasing AG, Headquarter Mainz, 2017

Artistic design of all public areas (lobby, conference area, restaurant) of the new DAL headquarter in Mainz (Germany).

Video © Samuelis Baumgarte Art Consulting, Bielefeld ≫


Historischer Gang
Museum Ferdinandeum, Innsbruck

Museum Ferdinandeum
Museumsstr.15, 6020 Innsbruck
Tue-Sun: 9am–5pm

≫ Interview with the re:art (english)

Die Anatomie des Raums / The Anatomy of Space

This monograph portrays Austro-Romanian artist Anemona Crisan’s evolution from panel painting to space invading installations. It shows Crisan’s unconventional perception of the relationship between body and space: Her drawings expand into the space, occupy it and surround the viewer. In her works on paper, canvas and in large-scale installations, she uses a distinct linearity that evokes connotations to anatomical elements, and redefines the space.

Edited by Conny Cossa
With essays by: Conny Cossa, Elisabeth Priedl and Jacek Malinowski

2014, Kerber Publishing House, Berlin
Hardcover, 30 x 24 cm, 112 pages.
german and english
ISBN: 978-3-86678-985-2

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