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Heißes Eisen (Hot Iron), installation, Stadtgalerie Waidhofen/Ybbs (A), 2018


artdepot, exhibition view, Innsbruck, 2017


Écorché, Installation, Bildraum07, Vienna, 2016

Ink, acrylic, tapes. >>


Intervention, Kuenstlerhaus Vienna, 2015

Ink, acrylic, paper, tapes. >>


Raumkonvergenzen, Kunstverein Gelsenkirchen, 2015

Ink, acrylic. >>


Space Intruders, UGM Studio Maribor, 2015

Mixed media site specific installation in three parts. >>


Intervention, Museum Ferdinandeum, Innsbruck (A), 2015

Site specific installation, ink, acrylic, wood. >>


Installation, bsa Galerie, Vienna, 2015

Ink, paper, tapes, 2015>>


Zacheta – Narodowa Galeria Sztuki / National Gallery of Art,

Acrylic, tapes, 2014 >>


Site Specific Performance

Site specific performance, installation and concept by Anemona Crisan, performer: Sophia Hörmann,
Junge Kunst Parcours, Ankerbrotfabrik, Vienna 2014. >>


Raum-Verleibung (Embodying The Space)

Installation, Galerie Andechshof, Innsbruck, 2012.
Acrylic, tapes. >>


Über/Spannung, 2011

Installation and exhibition view, Red Carpet Art Award, Vienna 2011.
Pencil, acrylic, tapes. >>


Zwang-Los (Un-Constrained)

Diploma, Installation Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna 2011.
Panel (pencil, acrylic on canvas, 200 x 150 cm, 2011)
extention into space made with tapes. >>


Means of Escape

Installation in the foyer of brut Konzerthaus,
sauna 2010 - brut, Vienna 2010. >>

                    2010, Acryl, Bleistift, Leinwand, 140 x 100 cm

"Who is afraid of red?"

base-level, Vienna, 2010.

"who is afraid of RED?", a title borrowed from Barnett Newman's painting "who is afraid of red, yellow and blue", shows 5 young artist, whose works deal with the effect of red colour. >>